Load Balanced DNS with dnsdist

In recent weeks I’ve found the need to configure and deploy a proper load balancing solution for an authoritative DNS cluster. Now for most solutions (up to a certain scale, and you’d know if you were there) a single-purpose authoritative DNS resolver doesn’t really need a balancing frontend; you can reasonably expect a decent-sized box running a modern kernel to handle several hundred thousand UDP packets per second, with a minimal amount of complimentary TCP traffic. Putting a frontend load balancing tier in front of an authoritative DNS cluster is really only necessary when either hardware redundancy or significant traffic shaping is a requirement, or the generation of authoritative data is expensive and needs to be horizontally scalable. I found myself needing to satisfy a few of these conditions, and have had a wonderful time playing and poking at a purpose-built FOSS DNS load balancing solution in dnsdist.

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